SWD-002 / 2001-09-01
SDDL-013 Kurumi Morishita Loss
SDDL-013 / 2001-09-01
LCDV-20019 "Wildfiower" Ryo Asada
LCDV-20019 / 2001-09-01
LCDV-20016 "Splash" Emi Yamamoto
LCDV-20016 / 2001-09-01
LCDV-20015 "Vanilla" Meng Ando
LCDV-20015 / 2001-09-01
LCDV-20014 "All About You" South
LCDV-20014 / 2001-09-01
LCDV-20013 "Sugar Tree" Juri
LCDV-20013 / 2001-09-01
LCDV-20006 "Squall! " Grace Sakai
LCDV-20006 / 2001-09-01

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